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A Business Card CD is a Mini CD with the top and bottom "flatten" or "cut off".  It is the approximate shape and size of a regular paper business card, but with "rounded" ends.  It is the least in terms of data capacity and will hold about 50 MB of data. 

What the Business Card CD does have going for it is that it is that same familiar shape that business people have been using for years and years.  Real Estate agents can have their "normal" business card printed on the outside of the CD and on the inside can have hundreds of pictures of properties for sale.  A graduating college student can provide not only a resume, but photos, portfolios, even their thesis (if they are that proud of it) all on a single Business Card CD.  

These Business Card CDs will fit right in any computer's CD reader (notice the smaller insert in your own computer CD tray).  Let Mirror Images copy your data onto Business Card CDs.

We take your electronic artwork for the printing and print white matte labels. Prices below include color printing or black printing on the label and a clear vinyl case.

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50 - 99

100 - 249

250 - 499

500 - 999


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For more than 24 years we have been providing superior duplication and fulfillment services to customers all over America.  We have the expertise and desire to provide you with superior duplication.



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